Lingerie and womens underwear styles

Retro lingerie and retro womens underwear

Retro lingerie is the style of pencil skirts and seamed stockings, retro lingerie the word among women in the 1940s and 1950s. Retro lingerie with metal clasp suspenders and sheer fully fashioned seamed stockings was what was most desired, due mostly to the fact that during the war women had been seeking solace in the ever growing movie industry, watching beautiful curvaceous women and ladies grace the silver screen in stunning sheer retro lingerie that they could only hope to one day own.

Girdles and corsets were types of retro lingerie that were still common place, now they were much more modern and look like poor imitations of the retro corset lingerie of the 1940s and 1950s. Retro lingerie corsets by What Katie did for example are manufactured using traditional retro lingerie techniques to emmulate the classic curves of women in the 1940s and 1950s and able to shape the body in ways that later corset versions can not.

The 1950s were all about being gorgeous and that included retro lingerie designs of the 1950s era.50's and 40's lingerie is the new rage in 2008 where women dress in traditional lingerie not readily avilable in High Street lingerie chains.  Beauty before comfort was the mission statement. This has left us with images of an era where women achieved appearances so beautiful that one wouldn't be surprised if these fashions one day came back onto the lingerie market. Now they are back as retro lingerie storms the large jaded modern lingerie ranges of today with stunning lace bras and bullet bras and beautiful what katie did lingerie designed to set the hearts thumping of both men and women alike as the ladies full shape and elegance is highlighted by retro lace up corsets, frilly knickers and proper metal clasp suspender belts that have clasps that don't snap and crack within 6 minutes of purchase. Suspender straps that look like they are from proper movies with proper stars in retro lingerie.

Types of retro lingerie available at Pandoraschoice

Corselettes and girdlettes

A corselette is a retro lingerie combination of a girdle and bra. Extremely popular in the 1950s due to their ability to accentuate more than one part of the body at once, corselettes are a must have for any stylish 1950's reto lingerie collection and essential in the woman's wardrobe. When retro lingerie is mentioned, it is often corselettes that come to mind. The upper bra often had a cleavage gap so you could show off your newly enhanced goods in a sexy evening ball gown. Pushing up the breasts and sucking in the stomach were the functions of the corselettes, and while probably not very comfortable, it helped women achieve the desired look of slim waistlines without sacrificing their bosoms.

Retro lingerie fabrics

Retro lingerie is also fun to look back at because it was the introduction of new materials such as nylon and pure cotton. Having these fabrics used in undergarments was a new phenomenon in the 1950s, and everything from bras to petticoats became more comfortable and breathable for the women who wore them.

Imagine wearing retro lingerie undergarments before cotton and mesh were run of the mill fabrics! Young women today cannot even fathom what it was like pre-1950s to wear such things. Which is why the new retro nylon and pure cotton lingerie garments were that much more popular when they were rolled out onto the fashion scene in the mid 1950s.

Bullet bras - Conical Bras

Have you ever watched a retro or vintage TV programme and noticed that the leading ladies' breasts were, for lack of a better description, pointy? This is because conical bras or the bullet bra were all the rage in the 1950s. Retro lingerie from this time period is famous for the conical retro lingerie bra or bullet bra as it made the breasts bullet shaped which gave support to girls who wanted to look like a sweater girl seen often on film. Women everywhere wanted to model their bodies after pop culture icons like the glamorous Lana Turner and the hilarious Lucille Ball.  like the corselettes, retro bras changed for the better with the use of nylon, which made them much lighter and more fashionable. Washing them also became much less of a chore. Retro lingerie from the 1950s definitely left its mark on the map with innovative designs and fabric choices. Even today women study this retro lingerie and some even scope out vintage shops and specialty websites in order to own some of their own.

Retro lingerie defines an era of fashion cherished by historians and truly classy ladies alike. Our retro lingerie range offers todays women yesterdays quality and sensuality


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