Cinchers and Waspies

Vintage design lingerie waist cinchers and waspies will tighten and smooth your body lines to create a curvey hour glass figure in the style of the 1940s and 1950s divas. Some have suspender straps added for wearing with traditional lingerie seamed stockings worn from the second world war. They nip in your waist to give you a '50s hour glass figure and, more importantly, do so comfortably! Unlike corsets you don't need to save them for an evening out, but can wear them on a daily basis with no pinching and we have different designs and materials for different occasions.

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Powermesh Waist Cincher in Red
Red Waist Cincher with Black Lace over Red Lycra Satin front. High quality spiral boning with satin boning covers. From 28" - 50" waist sizes S to XXXL
Powermesh Waist Cincher Black
Black Waist Cincher. A comfortably controlling garment with a Retro Vintage design keeps your body line smooth with mild tightening and shaping. From 28 - 50" waist sizes S to XXXL
Glamour Waspie black 18
SALE 1950s style waspie designed to add definition to your waist comfortably. By What Katie Did
Waspie Glamour Nouveau
Cinch your waist for a retro hourglass look with our Glamour Nouveau Waspie. This little cincher is inspired by the waspies worn under Christian Dior's New Look gowns to create a cinched in waist.