Glamour Nouveau Merry Widdow
Glamour Nouveau Merry Widdow
Glamour Nouveau Merry Widdow
Glamour Nouveau Merry Widdow
Glamour Nouveau Merry Widdow

Glamour Nouveau Merry Widdow

Versatile '50s inspired Merry Widow Basque available in black or peach
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    * Versatile '50s inspired Merry Widow Basque
    * Removable bra straps: wear strapless under strapless dresses or with straps when you want a little more support
    * 6 detachable suspenders: wear with or without stockings
    * Internal elastic waist tape to add definition to your waistline
    * Hook and eye fastening at front makes this Merry Widow easy to put on alone
    * Spiral steel boning used throughout

    It wasn't until the 1950s that bare shoulders were fashionable. This decade saw strapless dresses, spaghetti strap dresses and halter neck dresses all become fashionable. Great news for those who could afford couture (which incorporated inbuilt corsetry) or the young and flat chested, but what about the rest of us?

    The Merry Widow was the answer. This garment was designed to cinch your waist, support your breasts and hold up your stockings while remaining invisible under the new necklines.

    Our Glamour Nouveau Merry Widow takes things one stage further. We've made the straps detachable as well as the suspenders. You can wear it under a light cotton sundress, or an ornate evening gown: the choice is yours.

    9 months of development and countless samples went in to producing our new Glamour Nouveau Merry Widow. Strapless basques are notorious for fit issues as they often feature a low back which means without the support of straps, or bra band, things get very tricky! Our Merry Widow features a higher back, it should sit at the same level as your standard bra. While this makes it unsuitable for low backed dresses we decided fit was more important.

    Size & Fit

    Our Glamour Nouveau Merry Widow is sized by bra size.

    Bra sizes roughly co-ordinate with the following dress sizes:
    32" - WKD dress size 10
    34" - WKD dress size 12
    36" - WKD dress size 14
    38" - WKD dress size 16

    If your bra size does not match your body size you might like to experiment a little and delve into the mysterious world of bra cup grading.

    A bra cup size 38B will be the same as a 36C, 34D, 32DD. Hence if you are normally a bra size 34D but a small dress size 10 you might want to try the 32DD corselette which will have the same cup size as a 34D, but will be smaller around the body.

    This grading works across all bra sizes so:
    Cup size 32F = 34E, 36DD, 38D, and so on.


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