Maitresse Lingerie

Classic 1950s Lingerie in Black Satin 

If you’re taking your first, glamorous, steps into the world of vintage inspired lingerie then Maitresse is the perfect range for you. From the perfectly cut bullet bra, to a stylish suspender belt and both comfortable and sexy big knickers it really does have it all. If you don’t believe us just ask Madonna, Rihanna or Kate Moss who have all worn our Maitresse lingerie over the years.

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Maitresse Bullet Bra
L6070 Beautifully crafted soft-cup spiral stitch '50s style bra that is supportive, comfortable, 100% period perfect, and definitely What Katie Did's signature product.
Maitresse Nouveau Little Knickers
Smaller knickers are often cut with a skimpy back, but we've kept the cut of these knickers very generous to keep your bottom fully encased!
Maitresse Narrow Suspender Belt
SALE This cute little 6 strap suspender belt is only 3.5 inches deep but by no means less effective than our wider styles. In fact, it's small size makes it perfect if you have a shorter torso, or if you prefer to wear your suspender belt under your knickers.
Maitresse Black Satin Thong
SALE Cute black powermesh thong with satin detailing at the front. Although this thong is designed as part of our Maitresse Lingerie range it will match perfectly with any of our other ranges in black satin.
Maitresse Bullet Bra Curve
An amazing fit whether you're wearing a C cup or FF (as Miss Deadly Red is in the images here).
Maitresse Nouveau Knickers
Our Maitresse Nouveau Knickers are designed to sit high on the natural waist, at the same level as your suspender belt, which is very aesthetically pleasing. Where as most knickers have side seams, we've moved ours towards the back for both a smooth line.
Maitresse Nouveu Suspender Belt
L2120 This new Maitresse Suspender Belt has been designed to be worn with either or our Maitresse Knickers, either over or under. The belt can comfortably be worn under your knickers without the edge of the belt sneaking over the top or bottom - only the straps will be visible