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Seamed Tights

Add a vintage touch to your wardrobe with our Retro Seamed Tights  

When it comes to emulating the glamorous fashions of the 1940s and 1950s it's the little details that make all the difference. In these decades you would have worn hosiery, and it would have had a seam: it wasn't possible to make nylons without a seam!

If you're not a fan of stockings, don't despair as What Katie Did make a capsule range of Seamed Tights which give you the same look, without the need for suspenders.

Their Seamed Tights are made from the same nylon elastane mix as the Glamour Seamed Stockings but are a little less generous in size.

We thought long and hard about making a range of Reto Seamed Tights as tights weren't available in the 1950s. However, lots of other things weren't available in the 1950s like skintight lycra wiggle dresses. Sometimes only the smoothest line will do, and our sheer Retro Seamed Tights come ot the rescue.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products

The super cosy 80 denier opaque tights in black with a vibrant lipstick red seam. Who says glamour and comfort cannot be combined. These look absoloutely stunning with the red seam. A must for every ladies legwear collection.

Champagne with a black seam and dots for extra contrast! Dotty hosiery was a favourite of pin up artists in the 1950s

Glamorous contrast seamed tights with a bright lipstick red seam on sheer Champagne colour leg.

Black seamed nylons surely are the sexiest hosiery you can wear. 

Combine the glamour of yesteryear with the comfort of today with our vintage style Retro Contrast Seamed Tights which contain elastane for a perfect fit.

Seamed tights are perfect for if you are dressing up for a 1950s event but don't want to invest in suspender or garter belt. 

Glamorous black fishnet tights with a retro style seam from toe to waist. Ideal for wearing under your high-cut costumes or playsuits.

The chocolate foot, seam and welt really stand out and will ensure your glam gams are the centre of attention.

Delicious coffee coloured tights designed for mid to dark skin tones - these nylons are very sheer so suit a variety of skin colours.